This book, Introduction to Speech Communication, is used to support teaching, learning and research for SPCH 2713 at Oklahoma State University (OSU). This resource has been customized for use at OSU by faculty members Sarah E. Hollingsworth, Kathryn Weinland, Sasha Hanrahan, Mary Walker, Terrisa Elwood and Megan Linsenmeyer. In addition to inclusion of original work authored by the editors to meet the needs of their course at OSU, the editors adapted and mixed together portions of  Exploring Public Speaking: 4th EditionStand Up, Speak Out, and Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Please see below for full citations of each of these works. We at Oklahoma State University Libraries acknowledge our gratitude for the expertise and generosity of the scholars at Affordable Learning Georgia, College of the Canyons, the Open Education Network and elsewhere for creating and sharing customizable versions of their work.


Attribution statement:

Introduction to Speech Communication by Sarah E. Hollingsworth, Kathryn Weinland, Sasha Hanrahan, Mary Walker, Terrisa Elwood and Megan Linsenmeyer is licensed CC BY-NC-SA. In addition to original material, it has been adapted and remixed from Exploring Public Speaking: 4th Edition licensed CC BY-NC-SA, Stand Up, Speak Out licensed CC BY-NC-SA and Fundamentals of Public Speaking licensed CC BY.

Recommended APA citation for this work:

Hollingsworth, S., Weinland, K., Hanrahan, S., Walker, M. Elwood, T. & Linsenmeyer, M. (Eds.). (2021). Introduction to speech communication. Oklahoma State University Libraries.

Citations for works acknowledged above:

Stand up, Speak Out. Okay, this is Kathy, that work has such an interesting history I cannot pretend to provide an authoritative, accurate citation. Feel free to contact me at if you have one, and I will add it here.

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