11.7 Enrichment

Discussion Questions

  1. With a partner, discuss how you find out when you have not been listening carefully. What are some of the consequences of poor listening?
  2. This chapter discusses different types of listening styles. Under most circumstances, which style best describes you and why?
  3. What are the main types of noise that influence your listening in the following areas: home, classroom, work, with friends? How can you begin working to overcome noise in these areas?


  1. In a group, discuss what distracts you most from listening attentively to a speaker. Have you found ways to filter out or manage the distraction? Share with the class to create a list of ways to manage these distractions.
  2. Form five groups. Each group is given a different stage in the listening process. Together, create an infographic that describes that stage and the most important concepts in that stage. Each group presents their infographic to the class.
  3. Sit back to back with a partner. One is given a simple image (i.e. heart, house, flower, tree, fish, cat, dog, etc.) and the other is given a blank sheet of paper and a pen/pencil. The student with the image must describe it without naming it for the other student to draw. After every pair has finished, share the image and the drawing and discuss the following questions:
    • How did the drawing turn out versus the image?
    • For the listener, what were the most useful things the speaker did to help you get an idea of what you were drawing?
    • For the speaker, what tactics did you use to try to help the listener draw the correct image?
    • What types of noise interfered in this process? How did you overcome that?
    • What kinds of listening styles do you think were most used in this activity? How did that help/hurt the process?
    • How can you use this experience to improve your listening in the future?


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