2.4 Enrichment

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some suggestions from the lecture and/or textbook regarding speaking with confidence that you plan to utilize?
  2. When you see a speaker who is obviously feeling nervous, how can you as an audience member help put the speaker at ease? How can thinking about your experiences as an audience member help you feel less nervous as a speaker?
  3. Which form of communication apprehension discussed in Section 2:2: Classifying Communication Apprehension affects you most? How so?


  1. Complete the Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA, McCroskey, 1970) and determine your score. Consider whether that score seems accurate. Visit with a friend or classmate about your results. Document your score so you can fill out the PRPSA again at the end of the class and compare your beginning and ending scores.
  2. Go to the following website and follow along with Dr. Ellisha Goldstein’s 3-Minute Body Scan. Pay particular attention to your own body and decide whether a body scan or a meditation practice may help with your communication apprehension.


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