13.6 Enrichment

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the best or worst presentation aid you have seen used by a speaker? What made it effective or ineffective?
  2. What are some reasons for using a presentation aid in your speech?
  3. You have been asked to give an informative speech on your student organization’s accomplishments this year. Which type of presentation aid would be best? Would you include any graphs or charts?
  4. When using presentation slides, what are some of the main pitfalls for speakers?
  5. Should every speech have a presentation aid? Why or why not?


  1. Form five or six small groups. Each group will choose an informative speech topic and find an appropriate presentation aid for that topic. Finally, each group will present their topic and presentation aid to the class by  citing it orally and describing how the presentation aid will be used in the speech. Discuss the following questions:
    • Why did each group make the choices they did?
    • Which presentation aids worked best? Why?
    • Together, list the most important considerations for choosing and implementing effective presentation aids.
  2. Form five or six groups. Each group will be given two types of presentation aids listed in Section 13:3: Types of Presentation Aids. Students will then list the pros and cons of using those types of presentations aids and provide examples of speeches in which those aids would be most effective. Finally, groups will present what they have learned to the class.
  3. Form five or six groups. Each group will be given sample presentation aids to critique using advice from Section 13:4 Using Presentation Aids and Section 13.5: Low-Tech Presentation Aids. Give each visual aid a rating on a scale from one to ten. Finally, groups share their analysis aloud.


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