1.4 Enrichment

Discussion Questions

  1. What areas of public speaking do you think will be most challenging for you? Why? What are some plans to overcome these challenges?
  2. How might becoming a more effective and confident public speaker affect your life? Consider the differences between personal and professional impacts.
  3. What are your feelings and/or experiences with public speaking? How might this skill be used in your future?
  4. Think about your own field of experience through positionality and perspectives. How has your gender, work history, religious affiliation, relationship status, educational experiences, major, socioeconomic status, age, ethnicity, race, hometown, political affiliation and life experiences influenced your attitudes, beliefs, and values? Give some concrete examples.
  5. What are the three fundamental components of getting your message across according to your text? Do you feel any components are missing or should be added?
  6. What are three ways that you will use public speaking in your future career (personal & professional)?


  1. Reflect on your own desire for improved communication and public speaking skills in your life. Set three or four personal and/or professional goals you hope to achieve by taking this class.
  2. Think of a career path that you are considering. Using that occupation do a quick internet search of that position with the term, “public speaking”. Discuss your findings with a classmate or friend.(e.g. “nurse and public speaking”).
  3. Form six groups. Each group will be given a blank piece of paper, crayons/markers/colored pencils, and a different process of public speaking from Section 1:3: The Public Speaking Process (linear model of public speaking, interactional model of public speaking, transactional model of public speaking, dialogic theory of public speaking, contexts and social situations of public speaking). Groups should draw a model or picture that represents their selected process of public speaking. Groups will display and explain their drawings to the class.

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