10.3 Enrichment

Discussion Questions

  1. There are many ways to capture the audience’s attention. Imagine you are giving a speech informing your audience about sea turtles. Give examples of two options for an attention getter.
  2. Credibility is built from two components: competence and character. Give an example for how to establish each of these components.
  3. Discuss the differences between a thesis statement and a preview statement.
  4. A note of finality is an important aspect to the ending of a speech. What are two distinctive, gripping ways you could provide a powerful note of finality?


  1. Think of your favorite color. You will have one minute to convince a partner your favorite color is the best. The goal here is to establish your credibility so they believe you. Include language that enhances your competence and character.
  2. Elvis is alive! With a partner, come up with the most effective attention getter you could use for this speech. Remember to be creative and engaging. Share with the class and discuss.



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