Incorporating “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks

Donetta Norris

We are doing hard things that are
Real hared to understand and have us losing our
Cool. Enhancing our skills sets so
We can deliver what our Scholars need. Having nothing
Left sometimes, but try as we might to keep
School as normal as possible.
We push online learning despite the fears that
Lurk beneath the surface of it all. Fearing it’s too
Late to meet all their diverse needs.
We try to extend grace to ourselves and others as we
Strike against the status quo
Straight toward the unknown.
We are the champions of doing more with less. So, we
Sing our own praises for our valiant efforts. There is no
Sin in being unsure and pressing on when
We are ALL learning on the fly, because there’s a
Thin line between…No! It’s wide as hell. Trying to score like in
Gin Rummy and not lose this game.
We dig deep and search long and hard to
Jazz up our current circumstance. Praying we make it to
June. Uncertain of how long
We will work under these conditions…do or
Die, right or wrong. Longing for an end to this


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