Poetry Shifts

Glenda Funk

First the morning crew arrives
Eager wordsmiths,
Morning birds
Pecking about the nest,
Excited for the daily
Worm, prompts dangling before
Hungry ravenous beaks;
Fluttering hummingbirds
Sucking nectar-engorged lines
They flit and fly in and
Out of the nest as
Sundials twirl, words swirl.

Dusk yawns and
Stretches its tired rays
Across a pink horizon
Signaling an awakening;
Night owls emerge in
Silent flight & nestle in the nest.
They hoot and perch on
High canto branches;
Their hawkish eyes revolve,
Clocking, Observing,
Expelling feathery runes of
Poesy upon a word-wonder world.


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