Dear Online Learning,

Donetta Norris

I realize that you are not a novelty, by any means.
You were the method by which I obtained my teaching degree.
But, it is so different having to be on the creative side,
rather than the user side.
I now have become the producer of online instruction, and
to be perfectly honest, this is hard.
I can only imagine how the parents of my Scholars must feel;
having to learn to navigate apps, usernames, passwords, and downloads.
Online Learning, are you here to stay?
Will this continue as the new landscape of education?
I hope not…I miss the smiles of my Scholars…
their hugs, high-fives, and hand shakes.
I know this is not your fault, Online Learning.
You are the result of something so sinister
that no one could have ever fathomed would occur
in our lifetime.
I guess, though, Online Learning, when I look on the bright side,
Many of us are learning new skills.


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