My Rectangular Honey

Seana Wright

I desired you before
I even met you.
You kept popping up
on commercials and
billboards begging me
to pick you and embrace you.
You appealed to my
sense of wanting to have the latest
gadget, wanting to be ‘fly’,
wanting to be a rockstar.
I forced myself, though, to wait a year
due to all the recalls and upgrades.
Once I had you, I slept with you, took you into the
bathroom, and downloaded a multitude of
unnecessary apps just so I could see
those colorful little squares.
Now that you’re mine and we’ve been hitched for
10+ years, I still desire you.
You keep me connected to faraway descendants
you hold images of angels, my past and present,
and new learnings.
Also, though, you have brought me dreadful
words and have given me depressive
news that took me to the floor.
At times I’m addicted to you
like a 16-year old girl having the hots for a 20-year old boy
which is alarming considering
I lived without you for the first thirty years of my life.


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