Brain Power

Seana Wright

Daddy was analytical
Mommy was emotional
He knew people
and she saw intention
They both could see BS
coming ‘a mile away
They taught me to think first
and use your mouth second.
Didn’t always do that
especially when I was
younger but time, being a teacher
and becoming a mother has
taught me
to “shut up” sometimes.
Daddy said to surround
yourself with like-minded people
those who are as smart or
smarter than you.
Mommy sat with those who laughed,
cried, analyzed, danced and cussed.
I enjoyed being the only child during my
younger years surrounded by scholars, educated fools
and souls in search of love and meaning.
I watch people now sometimes and wonder
why they’re angry, ugly, thrilled or peaceful
What narrative is running through
their head and heart?
What narrative is running through mine?
I just want to make sure I stay
centered and always at peace.


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