Songs Soothe and Help Us Cruise

Anna J. Small Roseboro

Songs of praise help me get through the days
Hymns to Him remind me of ways
He helps get out, but not out and about
During forced days of inside stays.

Rhythm and blues when I hear the news
I reach for my running shoes.
Discordant news pulse within. I just want to jump and shout
Please just let me get up and get out.

Hallujujah’s resound; so often out of tune.
While riding my indoor cycle, listening to YouTube, I croon.

Oh no! Another family member has died!
Not dirges this time; compassion accompanied me as I cried.
I rocked and swayed in my seat, reading another sympathy card.
“May melodies and memories remind you of our family’s regard.”
Folks may be dying all around, but flowers burst forth in the yard.

Jazz riffs in these poems, within the beat
Of the daily given challenge, be-bop along and are neat.
Each writer saying what’s in the heart
Resolved to keep on living, giving each day a fresh new start.

Cheery notes from friends help us stay afloat
In these strident times, we’re not alone in the boat.


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Bridge the Distance: An Oral History of COVID-19 in Poems Copyright © 2021 by Anna J. Small Roseboro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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