at the table

facing the screen waiting for them to arrive
a candle flickers anchoring me to this space
as they arrive hellos are exchanged
and should we wait another minute to start
weather check-in brought lots of partly cloudy
this is how we talk when we share a table
intentions spoken patience, sustainability
motivation, relaxed fluid, schedule or not
conscious thought visible in faces
in the grid across my screen

so begins the last day of week one in the remote classroom

two show up for office hours
a little English talk about their reading – lots of time
happy to talk to familiar people
easy conversation, hey Ms Langley

the last class is small
class begun with how have you been doing
conversation was easy
we’ve been doing it for months
Kate shared a book talk missed the day class was canceled
a little talk about two stories, energy lacking
now faces frozen in squares
words are easy
but something is missing


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