Ending among Comfort

Jennifer Sykes

Trust in the Lord
Trust that an ending
Ending is a beginning
Beginning new ways of teaching
Teaching unfamiliar ways of learning
Learning meaningful lessons
Lessons of staying still
Still is the only way to move
Move forward during this time
Time seems to be crawling
Crawling further
Further into the unknown
Unknown to humankind
Humankind finds solitude
Solitude in the stillness
Stillness in quarantine
Quarantine allows new experiences
Experiences between parents and their children
Children and their school teachers
Teachers become students
Students overnight
Overnight developing lessons
Lessons from a distance
Distance unsought
Unsought and unbearable
Unbearable to see your friends
Friends and teachers on a screen
Screen creates a barrier
A barrier that protects
Protects yet causes grief
Grief of separation
Separation from those you love
Love transforms
Transforms into enrichment
Enrichment in art, music, reading, and writing
Writing crayoned messages and friendly letters
Letters with paintings and stories
Stories read on front porches
Porches that clasp those deliveries
Deliveries of outstretched arms
Arms that carry invisible hugs
Hugs that provide strength
Strength for the journey
Journey into the unknown
Unknown we must accept
Accept and seek comfort
Comfort and grace
Grace that is necessary


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