Wake up – trod downstairs to make the drink that will give me energy

Donetta Norris

Read and post the Scripture of the day – the Word of God gives me life
Practice Spanish via an app – hopefully I’ll be fluent before I die
Read the corresponding date of my Daily Bible – there’s no such thing as too much God
Workout for an hour or take a 3-mile walk – moving by body is important to me
Shower and dress – pajamas count, right?
Prepare breakfast and multitask for work – technically on the clock at 8:45
Review Scholarly work – plan for sending out more
Make contact with parents – try to make this hard thing simple…”do the best you can”
Emails, Emails – check and respond
Eat something that is supposed to be lunch – don’t judge me
Continue the work cycle until I can’t take it anymore – planning, reaching out to parents, reviewing activities, checking emails
As dusk approaches, but often not until the dark of night
I finally sit down away from the Must-do
Preparing my mind to focus on the Get-to-do, the Want-to-do
Notebook open, pens by my side
Drawing a blank on what to write


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