Chronic but Well

Katrina Morrison

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease
Cystic fibrosis is chronic
Chronic coughing is a common symptom
Chronic constipation is another
Another symptom is poor weight gain
Another symptom is a compromised immune system
System is altered on the cellular level
System degenerates over time
Over time medines have been developed
Over time procedures are improved
Improved lung function is always the goal
Improved school attendance is a result
Result of sputum culture determines treatment
Result of the x-ray can be pneumonia
Pneumonia is a bff – bad frequent friend
Pneumonia can mean a hospital stay
Stay away from anyone else with CF
Stay away from smokers
Smokers create second hand smoke
Smokers cause asthma attacks
Attacks are handled with nebulized albuterol
Attacks are prevented by nebulized saline
Saline cannot properly pass through the cell walls
Saline (a common salt) is present in sweat
Sweat tests can diagnose the presence of CF
Sweat of patients dries white on the skin
Skin can be affected by some medicines
Skin rashes like red man syndrome appear
Appear at the CF clinic on a regular basis
Appear at the gastroenterologist’s office
Office at school must keep 504 on file
Office should understand nature of the disease
Disease delays growth and puberty
Disease results in high male infertility rates
Rate per capita is highest in Ireland
Rates are higher wherever the British colonized
Colonized in the lungs can be Staphylococcus aureus Haemophilus influenzae
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Burkholderia cepacia MRSA and more
More patience is required by patients who must spend
More time than imaginable on treatments
Treatments include performing respiratory physiotherapy
Treatments must occur multiple times a day
A day will include taking enzymes with every meal
A day may include using a Mic-Key button for nutrition
Nutrition must have an extremely high calorie count
Nutrition must have a high fat count as well
Well Staying well is the goal
Well in body mind and spirit
Spirit comes from the Latin word for to breathe
Spirit breathe spirit breathe spirit just breathe


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