Stymied by a Stylus

Anna J. Small Roseboro

I ordered a stylus online,
Blame it on COVID one nine.
I couldn’t get out to the stores.
So I ordered, then went back to my chores.
I got what I ordered
But not what I wanted.

I thought I was so current communicating online, most of the time.
Now, as the devices are getting smaller and my fingers are getting stiffer,
I need help. The stylus is supposed to make me work swifter.
I just wanted one of those nobby nosed markers, not pointy like a cone,
To tap the letters and numbers on my tablet and cell phone.

Instead of moving forward with technology,
I’m having to go back to ancient times.
Nothing is really new. The oldies knew what to do.
Sharpen a stick and scratch out the letter.
Use the smooth end, to erase and make it better.

Everything old is new again.
The old fashioned stylus is taking a spin
And creating havoc for me!

I went online, thinking I’d get it time
I wanted to use I to draft this day’s rhyme
To work really fast,
With something that will last

But it didn’t work.
And It wasn’t a quirk.
I just didn’t know
My ignorance would show.

What goes around, comes around
I wish I’d known what I’d need for a phone.
Ignorance about an old fashioned tool
Is making this here lady look like a fool.
Now everyone knows, I’m not all that cool.



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