Pushing a Stroller

Alex Berkley

In the aftermath of a rainy day
Paints a little portrait of the zeitgeist

The runners who
Curve onto the road
Keeping six feet distance

The angry bald man
With a mask hanging round his neck
(And black knee socks reaching to his shorts)
Yelling at a barking dog through somebody’s window

The park so beautiful and green
Dotted yellow with dandelions
Kids rapping while riding bikes
Making weird eye contact through windshields
Expressions masked

And we walk the loop round the perimeter
And there’s an old man smoking and eating a sandwich
There are people walking dogs
Couples holding hands

Before you know it, there’s actually some blue in the sky
Like Bob Ross just changed his mind about something
I watch Clem stretching in the stroller

It’s actually getting hot
I take off his hat

And push the stroller home


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