OER 101 Credential Quiz


Consider some of the characteristics of open educational resources. Based on your current understanding, which of them do you feel will be most valuable in supporting your teaching goals?  In other words, which of them makes you the most excited to learn more and possibly start using OER in your course or other educational work? Use the H5P activity below as a review.

Consider the possible goals for using OER, such as: reducing student textbook cost, increasing student engagement, more freedom and control over learning materials, open pedagogy, increase equity, diversity and inclusion.    Which goal appeals most to you? What is one area of your work (or one course) where you could incorporate OER to help meet the goal you listed?

Module 3

Using the Attribution Builder (https://www.openwa.org/attrib-builder/) generate an attribution statement for the image “Think” by Christian Weidinger (https://bit.ly/3suL5PG). Paste that statement below.


Paste a link below to one of the open educational resources you found for the Concept Review at the end of Ch. 4.


Which tool (rubric, checklist, etc.) did you use to evaluate the Texas Learn OER course?
1 point
COLE Checklist for Evaluating OER (provided in the module)
Based on the criteria in the tool you used, describe three reasons why you would support the Texas Learn OER as a good choice for a resource to teach OER.
If you can identify ways in which the resource could be improved based on the tool you used to evaluate it, please describe them below.


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