A high level of interest in Open Educational Resources (OER) exists across the Oklahoma State University campus. In response to the Provost’s request for strategies to improve the affordability of education for Oklahoma State University (OSU) students, the OSU Faculty Council passed a recommendation in support of OER on the OSU campus. The Faculty Council recommendation included, among other things, a call for increased educational opportunities regarding the creation and curation of OER. The Faculty Council also recommended formation of an OER Working Group and/or Advisory Group. The OSU Graduate and Professional Student Government Association has passed a resolution requesting the formation of a committee to explore the use of OER at OSU, and the OSU Student Government Association has a similar resolution under review.


The purpose of this text is to serve as a resource and a repository for those engaged in exploring open at OSU. Through this text we can open our own practice as we process with intentionality through the development and implementation of equitable, effective, and sustainable OER at OSU. Consideration will be given to the benefits of resources licensed openly but outside the OER definition as well as resources to which OSU students may have access at no additional cost.


This work is intended to be collaborative and iterative. Original content will be licensed CC-BY unless otherwise noted; links and non-original content maintain their original licensing.





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