Almost There: Publication

You now have a well-designed, accurate resource customized to present what you want to teach when you want to teach it in a way which reflects both your teaching style and the localized needs of your students. Your work is ready to enter the publication stage. This stage includes accessibility testing, metadata creation, generation of desired export versions, and distribution.


Accessibility Testing

OpenOKState is partnering with Oklahoma AbleTech to develop a framework guiding accessibility throughout the creation process. Our current accessibility audit is guided by the Accessibility Toolkit (2nd edition) published by BC Campus. Our goal is to publish resources which are as broadly accessible as possible. To accomplish this, we work to publish our resources in ways which can be optimized for those using screen-reader technology, we avoid using color alone to convey information, we have chosen a platform which supports user adjustment of font sizes, and we export our resources in a variety of file types. For projects in which the OSU Libraries has partnered in resource creation stages prior to publication, accessibility testing should take one week. 

Metadata Creation

Effective metadata will enhance the discoverability of your resource. We will ask you to identify  primary and additional subjects which best represents your resource.  We will also request a tagline and short and long descriptions of your resource. The tagline is a very short description of your book in brief sentence form, similar to a Twitter post. The short description should be about one paragraph and will be used for catalogs and reviewers. The long description should be a full description of your book. Our metadata librarians will add keywords and other librariany things, as well as a DOI when appropriate and feasible.

Export Versions

The OpenOKState Pressbooks publishing platform supports resource export across a wide array of file types. We will by default export and make available the full version of your resource in each of these file types. We can also create and export additional files tailored for incorporation into your specific LMS course design. For instance, we can provide links and export documents by chapter if you would like to associate bounded portions of your resource with specific modules. We can also clone your resource for adaptation to different sections of the same course to facilitate each instructor’s course customization and change visibility settings as needed to customize content.


The OSU Libraries OER and scholarly resources teams partner to facilitate broad distribution of resources created and curated by OSU stakeholders. This distribution includes submission of the resource to SHAREOK, OERCommons, informal distribution to the OER community, and other institutions and communities you may identify. Your signed MOU also guarantees your ownership of the copyright, giving you the right to share the resource in places such as ResearchGate, FigShare, or anywhere else you desire your work be shared.


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