Mission Accomplished: Post-Publication

OSU Libraries will continue to support and sustain your work after it has been published in an official release.  Post-publication activities may also include accessibility revisions and additional distribution. Continued use of your resource may surface changes you wish to make in future iterations, and we are happy to continue to work with you to accomplish those changes as we partner with you to maintain and sustain your teaching and learning resource.

Official Release

Once you are ready, OSU Libraries will hold an official release of your publication. You and your work will be honored as part of the OSU Authors celebration held each spring, and we will highlight the finished project during OSU Libraries Open Access and Open Educational Resources events. With your permission, we will communicate publication of the work to your department, and include notification of its publication in OSU Library communications.

Accessibility Revisions

Although it is the goal of OpenOKState and OSU Libraries to release resources which are fully accessible, we realize that there is always room for improvement. We will continue to optimize the accessibility of your resource through continually developing processes of review and revision. We will remain in contact with you as we accomplish needed revisions, and where possible will partner with you to implement them outside the course of the teaching semester. The Pressbooks platform also implements periodic accessibility updates which may change the ‘behavior’ or appearance of your resource. Let us know if you are seeing disruptive changes, and we will contact the Pressbooks team to find a solution to the problem.

Additional Distribution

There are a variety of platforms and communities which host and disseminate OER. OSU is a member institution of the Open Textbook Network, which publishes full length textbooks licensed CC-BY which are currently being used to teach higher-education courses. OSU Libraries is also part of a number of formal and informal networks through which resources are solicited and shared. We will share your teaching and learning resource in those spaces for which it is appropriate, and communicate with you regarding platforms and institutions beyond those at OSU which have adopted it for course use.

Maintain and Sustain



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