Book Set Up

Section Topics

This section covers items that should be considered before setting up a book, as well as the building blocks used to create a book. Topics include:

  • Accessibility for all types of learners
  • Language and script support so authors can write books in a variety of languages, including font support for those that use a non-Latin alphabet
  • Annotation, during and after creation, with the tool
  • Enabling and using the Comments feature in Pressbooks
  • A comprehensive description of an account’s Dashboard, explaining where tools and features are found
  • How to create a new book (one account can hold several books)
  • Adding, changing, and organizing parts, chapters, front matter, and back matter
  • Determining word count for a chapter, part, or an entire book
"" For more information, see What is in a Book? and Numberless Chapters, Invisible Parts, and Customizable Section Labels in the Pressbooks User Guide.


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