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Last update: Aug 15/20


When working in Pressbooks, there are different types of links that you may be working with:

  1. Internal links that are used to facilitate navigation in a book.
  2. Links to images, files, or other types of media that you have uploaded to Pressbooks. (See Images and Files.)
  3. External links to a website or other online source outside of the book.

IMPORTANT: The unique ID used for an anchor is case sensitive.

Internal links

Linking material within a chapter or between chapters in a book is slightly different for the Open OKState Pressbooks instance because in addition to chapter and part titles, the title of the book must also be included in the link used. Below are the instructions for those using the Open OKState Pressbooks instance.

When creating a document, there are already some identifiers that Pressbooks will understand. For example, if you want to link to a chapter, you simply need to enter:


To link to a part, enter:


To link to a front matter section, enter:


To link to a back matter section, enter:


The easiest way to find this location identifier is to look at the URL of a page in the web version of your book, if the chapter has been published, and copy everything that comes after .ca (including the forward slash).

In this example, “sample” is book title and “navigation” is the chapter title.

If the chapter is still in draft, just look at the permalink below the chapter title and copy everything that comes after .ca (including the forward slash).


"" For more information, see the following chapters in the Pressbooks User Guide:



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