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You may read this book fully online, here in Pressbooks. It has the social annotation tool Hypothesis embedded, so if you have or create a free Hypothesis account, you can annotate online. The webbook also has videos and interactivity built-in, and the work to ensure those remain accessible is ongoing.  Accessibility problems can be reported via the suggestion form that is further descried in the Instructor Note (next page).


If you would prefer to download a PDF copy of this book, or if you prefer to read it on another eBook platform, some options are listed below.   Please note that some multimedia and interactive content may have been added after the export files were generated on 10/25/22, so they may not be included.  See the Fourth Edition Notes page in the appendix for details on elements added after that date.

  • PDF (formatted for digital use with active hyperlinks, etc.)
  • PDF (formatted for printing; placeholders are provided with a URL directing you back to the ebook to engage with the active & other digital content)
  • EPUB (for Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, Kindle etc.)

These download files are for those who wish to create an adaptation:

  • Pressbooks XML
  • Common Cartridge with Web Links
  • XHTML (unsupported by Pressbooks)
  • HTMLBook (unsupported by Pressbooks)
  • OpenDocument (unsupported by Pressbooks)
  • WordPress XML (unsupported by Pressbooks)


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