Unit 5: Justice

Government in the Future

The following is a lecture given by Chomsky at the Poetry Center in New York on April 1970. A transcript of the lecture can be found at https://libcom.org/library/government-future-noam-chomsky.


For Reflection and Discussion

  1. Before hearing this lecture, what came to mind when you heard the terms liberalism, socialism, capitalism, or democracy?
  2. How do those impressions differ from the picture that Chomsky weaves for each?
  3. How might state socialism differ from other forms of socialism (consider looking them up)?
  4. Think of the culture, nation, or subculture in which you find yourself. How are these ways of organizing and reproducing society defined in those spaces?
  5. What are the challenges you think we will face, as a society and as a species, in the next 10, 30, and 100 years? Did Chomsky adequately address those concerns?


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