Summary Exercise: ‘For example’ or ‘such as’?

Carol Lynn Moder

In the examples below, decide whether for example or such as is the correct phrase and explain why.

A. Muslim food has a lot of customs and rules.____________________ pork, alcohol and drugs are “haraam,” which means they are forbidden foods for Muslims.

B. American and Chinese food culture are vastly different. ________________, Chinese people like to eat animals’ organs but American people do not.

C. In many cases, cultural values push us in a direction other than that to which we would naturally tend, _______________, to reject meat, or to not steal from strangers.

D. Certainly beans come in a mosaic of colors that can rival those of fruits and vegetables — from the plain white great northern and navy beans, to the mottled brownish pink pintos, to the cranberry bean’s cream color with red streaks and flecks, the light and dark reds of kidney beans, the maroon-red adzuki, all the way to the black bean. The bean industry has exacting standards for maintaining these colors. ” It’s so strict, ” says Hosfield, ” that pinto beans, ______________ , have to not only have just the right brown mottling and shades of pink, but also show a yellow rim around the’ belly button,’ or scar, where the bean was once attached to the pod.

E. Writing in the content classes can add much to the learning process. In science class, ________________ , before having students read about a concept, teachers can find out what students already know about the subject by having them write for a short time.

Editing exercise

Review the uses of such as and for example in the sentences below, which were taken from student writing. If the sentence is correct, put a check next to it. If it is incorrect, explain why and propose a correction.


  1. The United States invented many fast food meals such as macaroni and cheese, burger, and fried chicken but also different kinds of sweets, for example the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  2. In this report, three points will be developed such as the types of professional writing, the knowledge of professional writing, and the required skills to success.
  3. Organic pollutants such as oil and grease are a main concern
  4. There are plenty of differences between Muslim countries and the United States. For example, the table manners and etiquette. For example, the Islamic dress rules advocate to dress according to social status and identity.
  5. For those of you who love to get into the kitchen and follow delicious recipes, then the Google Glass cooking apps will be something that you won’t know how you lived without. For example, if you want to try to cook a new food. You may have no idea, but with this cooking App, it will be much easier to cook.
  6. In Saudi Arabia, celebrities from Lebanon, Morocco and some other Arab countries set the beauty standard. These Arab female celebrities have had a lot of plastic surgery. For example, Nanci Ajram, a Lebanese singer, got her nose reshaped to look slimmer.
  7. Plagiarism can lead to serious consequences, not only at the university, but in professional life as well. For example plagiarizing in medical research could result in the loss of many lives.
  8. After that, I changed my business. I started to buy whatever I saw on eBay that was new for us and I sold it; for example, new kinds of sound speakers, chargers, apparel, and so many things.


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