Answer Key

Alys Avalos-Rivera

Follow-up Activities

For “Evaluating an Internet Source” Activity 1:

Source Relevance Reliability Appropriateness
6 It is relevant to the topic. This is a Youtube video issued by “Asian Beauty Secrets”. The talk features three Asian or at least Asian-heritage young people discussing about how beauty standard in the U.S. and in China differ. They are not experts on this topic. They might have done some research about this topic but you can tell the research is not in-depth since they can only talk about factual details. What they say might be or might not be completely correct. The best is to use the information from this video as a starting thread and key word search for more serious sources. This video seems to be less formal than materials in print for information referencing purpose. It might not be highly suitable for being presented to a class instructor. Unless no other more serious sources can be found on this topic, this source is not among the best types that one would use to present cultural information to a course instructor. Regarding the purpose of this assignment, this source does contribute to the comparing and contrasting goal by showcasing the cultural facts or opinions.
7 Relevant. This journal article is authored by a group of authors, who are experts in using scientific research method in looking into people’s perception on beauty standard. This scholarly article can present relatively reliable information or reasoning to the audience, specifically the course instructor in this case.


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