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“As a business instructor, this is one of the best social media books I have seen to date.”

“Overall strong resource for marketers and/or social media folks.”

“Easy to include in the right course/topic.”

“The material is written in such a way that it does not read like a textbook. The material is relevant as it discusses marketing after COVID. The content is interesting and easy to read. [This] could be used as part of a marketing course or a social media course.” Content Quality, MERLOT Business Editorial Board

“The book can be used as the primary course resource or as a supplement to a broader topic course. The book and topics promote conceptual understanding by starting with the concepts of marketing and moving into this particular type of marketing. The book could be used as supplemental reading or as the primary source. The book includes concept information as well as additional readings and activities.” Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool, MERLOT Business Editorial Board

“The material is clearly defined for use and student. Site was in working order [and] is easy to navigate. Activities were included in appropriate sections and were relevant and easy to use. Generally meets accessibility requirements.” Ease of Use for Students and Faculty, MERLOT Business Editorial Board


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