The Social Media Job Guide: Tips for Aspiring Professionals

Cheryl Lawson

For those aspiring to forge a career in social media, this chapter’s for you. While organizations like Social Media Tulsa excel in project management and event-based social media, the journey for beginners can be a roller-coaster.

Decoding the Social Media Myth

It’s a misconception that success in social media revolves only around fluency with platforms and content creation. Social media expertise is deeply rooted in marketing principles. Once you internalize these foundational concepts, you’ll be leagues ahead of others in the game. Although technology gifts us myriad platforms, the essence of marketing remains consistent.

Lessons from the Internship Trenches

Early in your career, internships provide valuable firsthand experience. While they’re a gateway to invaluable insights, they can also be a whirlwind of tasks. As the new kid on the block, you might sometimes find the blame landing on your desk. Embrace these moments; they shape resilience and equip you for future roles.

Does Your Resume Stand Out?

Your resume is more than just a document; it’s your first impression. A bland or incomplete resume can close doors even before they open. Highlight your skills, experiences, and strengths in a captivating design that grabs attention. Before sending it out, ensure it’s error-free and tailor-made to align with the roles you’re targeting.

Is LinkedIn Still Relevant?

LinkedIn, established in 2003, has aged like fine wine. While some argue its golden days are over, the platform remains a potent tool for professionals. Many recruiters actively source and even interview candidates here. Engage, share insights, and foster connections on LinkedIn—it could be your ticket to your dream job.

Venturing Out Alone

Joining a seasoned team offers rich learning experiences, but solo ventures might appeal to the entrepreneurial spirit in you. Freelancing can be the first step, eventually leading to your own agency. Before embarking on this journey, devise a solid business plan, from strategies to resources, and consider creating a professional online presence.

Showcasing Your Skills: The Portfolio

Your portfolio is a testament to your abilities. Employers and clients alike will ask to see proof of your expertise. If you’re starting out and lacking in substantial work to showcase, consider crafting your own personal brand on various platforms. This can serve as tangible evidence of your proficiency.


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