Social Media Jobs. Why Understanding Basic Marketing Principles Will Put You Ahead of the Rest

It’s a prevalent myth that social media management is all about mastering different social media websites. The better you are with using the latest technology and creating and posting content across social accounts, the more successful you will be along the journey.

However, social media management is more about marketing than using social accounts. Therefore, you ought to grasp basic marketing principles. If you understand basic marketing concepts, you can stand out and do well as compared to other candidates.

The evolution of technology has offered a variety of platforms to marketers, but marketing principles stay almost the same. If you know marketing, you can apply these principles to promote a brand online and generate results.

The Intern Always Gets Blamed

At the beginning of your professional journey, you may need to work as an intern to get experience, increase knowledge, and learn useful skills alongside experienced professionals.

The internship is a rewarding yet challenging job. You get the opportunity to gain plenty of useful information, but the tasks can be never-ending. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, there is a good chance you will be blamed for the mistake as the junior-most staff member in the organization.

It’s a part of the learning journey. You need to be headstrong and accept feedback without getting angry. This knowledge will help you when you start working as a regular social media management employee and can use this learning to your advantage.

How Boring is Your Resume?

When you apply for a job, the resume is your first introduction to potential employers. They decide whether or not it’s a good idea to interview you for the job based on this professional document. If it’s too boring, lacks information, and doesn’t highlight the information they are looking for, you can already say goodbye to that internship opportunity you have been dreaming of.

Recruiters evaluate your skills, personality, strengths, and qualifications with the help of your resume. So, you can’t ignore the importance of this document. If you have got rejected by recruiters or afraid that recruiters may not consider your application, then it’s a good idea to update and redesign your resume.

It’s best to invest in an attractive resume design that highlights your skills, qualifications, experience, and personal strengths. At the beginning of the career, you may benefit from a chronological order resume or design a custom theme that fits the specifications of organizations where you want to apply for a social media marketing vacancy.

Since recruiters get a huge number of candidate resumes, you can get more visibility and an edge over other candidates with the help of an attractive document format. Before finalizing it, make sure you proofread the document for potential errors and spice it up with attractive designs to increase your chance of getting hired.

Is Linkedin Still a Thing?

Launched in 2003 as a social network for professionals, LinkedIn has been going strong since its inception. It is one of the best websites to set up your professional profile and interact with professional experts from different fields.

LinkedIn facilitates you to share thoughts and knowledge with other users on the platform who might be interested in the insights you share. You can also have one-on-one chats with people via its secure private message service.

Since LinkedIn is getting old, it is rumored that this platform is losing its charm. However, it’s an evergreen platform that is extremely useful in this era of technology.

Many recruiters prefer to invite and hire candidates via LinkedIn. It’s because they can evaluate the person to some extent before the interview with the help of their profile and the content they share. In fact, many recruiters conduct short interviews through LinkedIn to save time and make the recruitment process much simpler.

So, it’s recommended for business professionals, especially marketers to create LinkedIn profiles. If you stay active and regularly post relevant and informative content, you can build relationships and get job offers with ease.

Going Solo

Working as a social media marketer with an expert team of professionals can offer you learning opportunities. You can get useful tips those team members learned through years of experience. They can also guide you about enhancing your skills and the right path for progressing in the industry.

However, taking up a full-time job isn’t for everyone. You may have dreams of making your name as an established social media marketer and this dream can come true only by working solo and launching your entrepreneurial career.

You may want to become a freelancer and gradually set up your social media marketing agency once you build a network of business connections and clients.

Before starting your agency, you ought to develop a business plan that covers necessary information about the business such as potential customers, vendors, business strategy, financial resources to execute plans, and your team that can work hard for the future of the organization. You may want to invest in a professional website to build authenticity and credibility.

Building Your Portfolio

Whether you plan to take up a job as a social media marketer or aim to launch your social media agency, you need a portfolio. A portfolio is a set of previous work that demonstrates your skills.

When you send your resume to a potential employer, they would ask for your portfolio to determine how good you are at what you do. Similarly, this portfolio will prove helpful when you reach clients and offer your social media management services for their business or professional needs.

As a beginner at social media marketing, you may struggle to get your first job or assignment. You can create social media profiles for your freelancing journey. By managing these accounts the right way, you can show clients and recruiters that you are good at the job.

Furthermore, you can also present detailed insights into the performance of social media campaigns you may carry out to promote your personal brand.


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