The authors and editors of this text are grateful for the generous support of the Edmon Low Library at the Oklahoma State University, without which this text would not have come to be. Matt Upson, Kathy Essmiller, Clarke Iakovakis, and Cristina Colquhoun were all instrumental in helping us acquire the resources needed to compile, hybridize, and generate new writings for the creation of a technical writing textbook that built upon existing open-source models.

We would also like to thank the Oklahoma State University English Department for their encouragement in our pursuit of this text’s praxis, and to the many texts that were made available to us as open-source inspiration. A multitude of features from these originating texts have been incorporated into the “renewed” technical writing textbook you have before you. Texts owed a debt of gratitude in the creation of Technical and Professional Writing Genres: A Study in Theory and Practice include:

Art History and Its Publications in the Electronic Age by Hilary Ballon and Mariet Westermann.

Choosing and Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research by Cheryl Lowry.

Exploring Public Speaking (3rd edition) by Kris Barton and Barbara G. Tucker.

Exploring Public Speaking by David McMurrey.

Style for Students: A Writing Guide provided by Lumen Learning.

Technical Writing by Michele De Silva, Annemarie Hamlin, Jodi Naas, Chris Rubio, Megan Savage, Billy Merck, and Allison Gross.

Technical and Report Writing by Amber Kinonen.

“Working in a Team” provided by The Writing Commons.

And finally, we would like to thank the Oklahoma University undergraduate students who made their work available for publication so that future students could be guided and inspired by their work. Students whose contributions appear in this textbook include:

Victoria Bauer, Nick Burt, Morgan Dunker, Zachary Evans, Braeden Fields, Aalay Gandhi, Emilie Jenkins, Austin Johnson, Emily King, Kellie Lail, Daniel Rodriguez, Diego Colon Serrano, Ashleigh Snell, Alex Whitnah, and Allison Wilton.


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Technical and Professional Writing Genres Copyright © 2019 by Michael Beilfuss; Staci Bettes; and Katrina Peterson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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