Ode to Coffee

G.E. Bradford

     At this stage in life, the leaves have tapered
    away to die—lingering on the branch.
I like to believe you made me grow, I’d like too
This feeling
                is only my heart cracking

Sending a thousand black thoughts
                to stain a page.

      Nowadays I gaze in the middle of coffee mugs.
I lose myself in trees
        I allow
        my thoughts to muddle, my eyes to blur
Myself to fade
                   in a splendid

When I try to strain my mind
         a million
                   memories submerge.

So, to spit it out

  at last
  onto your saliva sodden soul—
  When you lashed me with your eyes
         I knew. My favorite wound. Would never

  Your foaling of this one, so permanent, so fleeting:
  Your hand in mine, your hand in Mine, Your Hand in Mine.
  Someday a warm wind will blow the dead things out
but for now,


Looking Up, Dreaming—

About the author

G.E. Bradford is a poet from Grove Oklahoma. He’s currently enrolled at Oklahoma State University as an English Major with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Garrett writes poetry as well as fiction and material or his stand-up comedy routine. He plans to graduate this year.


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