Euphorically Stoned Head

Amaya Banks

I see words of affirmation waving at me as they play tag in the
clouds. Penny, the sun, and the warm breeze of the day serenely
keep me company. Stress couldn’t make it, fear canceled last minute,
and anger simply didn’t show up. My mind is one with nature, I have
seasons too.
Warm, Cold, Windy, Still.
Rain, Sun, Snow, Drought.
When the weather changes people go where they will be comfortable
and unbothered. They either go inside or outside. I’ll just be here.
I miss my friend but she is now nature, so we have synced.
Coral Honeysuckle to nourish, Bee Balm for fun.
Everything is beautifully real and here in my face.
I no longer see the playful words.
But they have left their mark on me.
I saw the world differently just like the world probably sees me.
You have the choice to view life on earth as heaven or hell.
Is it wrong to allow earth to help you escape the world?
Do you think I care where you’ve been or what you’ve done?
Do you really want someone who would leave when they saw the parts you keep hidden?

About the author

Amaya Banks is a senior at Oklahoma State University majoring in Sociology. After graduating, she plans on becoming a social policy analyst whose primary focus will be to advocate for minorities and neglected social groups in a diverse number of communities. She also has a passion for writing and plans on utilizing her skills to enhance her future career.


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