Coup de Foudre

Justice Rebmann

Brittle and feral electricity

precisely striking the highest peak

is the kind of adoring intensity

I offer to you.

I will paint the landscape bone-
white in the liminal space of a
thunderclap to illuminate your
cheek in divine light and carve its
edges like a star map.

I will send ivory branches spiraling

from between the constellations

to crash humbly at your feet,
admiring how you choose mercy
over abnegation
for your distant celestial lover, I,

who would unquestionably crack open the
skies at the very echo of your Earth-bound
cry. –

About the author

is a second-year student at OSU studying French and Creative Writing. Her three great loves are art, writing, and language, and after graduating, she hopes to work in translation and write fiction. She is the recipient of a Gold Key in creative writing from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. You can find her artwork on display at the Aspen Coffee on Western in Stillwater, where you might run into her nursing a lavender latte.


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