Welcome to the My Tech Playground eBook! The name is tied to our actual T.E.C.H. Playground, where students in this class will play and help in Transforming Education through Creative Habits!

The purpose of this online resource is to serve as an interactive open textbook for EDTC 3123 Applications of Educational Technology at Oklahoma State University. We invite you to ask questions, contribute resources, and participate in making this a living, collaborative resource for all educators! The live Twitter feeds to the right will help keep you up to date on the latest educational technology, and T.E.C.H. Playground news.

Course information: This course is an introduction to the design and development of instruction using educational media and technology. It involves development of teaching and learning materials using digital technologies, contemporary applications of computers and other electronic systems to instruction. Because this is a preservice education course, the main focus is on effective integration of educational technology and instructional design.

This is a semester-long course that is taught face-to-face and aims not only to model excellence in teaching with technology but also to provide a safe environment within which preservice teachers work in teams to facilitate active and engaged peer learning that reflects best practices in technology integration, instructional design, content presentation, instructional strategies, standards-based assessment, and lesson reflection. You will experience true student-centered learning in this class with your instructor modelling the role of facilitator.


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