This book includes content from the OER21xDomains Conference which was held in an online format April 21-22, 2021. All feedback and questions on content should be addressed to the original presenters of each session.  For more information about the conference and its organization, please visit:

This book was created in an attempt to offer this vital content in an accessible way that can be easily shared.

Editorial Statement

In the creation of this book, the editor chose to respect the original language choices of the session presenters.  Because of this, the reader will see a mix of both British and U.S. American spellings.  Additionally, there uneven use of the Oxford comma from chapter to chapter.

Call for Contributions

As this content was created as part of a conference discussing open educational resources and practices, and this this book was created in an attempt to make this work even more accessible, I would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to contribute to the work.  One avenue in which I think contributions would be helpful is through providing transcripts to any of the recorded sessions, so that we can provide not only video content, but also written content for these events.


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