75 Hope on the Airwaves: The #ds106radio Sunday Special Crew


Tannis Morgan, Anne-Marie Scott, Maren Deepwell and Brian Lamb


To quote a blog post titled “Hope on the Airwaves:#ds106radio Sunday Special” by Maren Deepwell from more than a year ago at the height of the pandemic:

“Like many others, I have been enjoying tuning in to the online radio ’emergency broadcast’ listening to familiar voices and some that are quickly becoming familiar, sharing stories of coping under lock down, facing uncertainty, sharing loneliness and lack of freedoms.

I love the broadcasts, partly because they remind me every day that there is nothing ‘business as usual’ about this time. That it’s completely OK not to function or cope or be able to even get up in the morning.

The radio also reminds me of how resilient human beings are. It gives me a sense of how hard everyone is working, fighting, trying. There’s hope on the airwaves.”

In this session Brian Lamb talks to Anne Marie Scott, Tannis Morgan, and Maren Deepwell about their weekly web radio show, which provided a much needed space for coping with a global pandemic by forging community, building friendships, and baking in a whole lotta fun—all of which are essential elements to how we can remain sane while we live and learn on the web.



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