Part Seven: Nonverbal and Verbal Messages Across Cultures

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover how words have different rules.
  2. Determine the level of abstraction.
  3. Comprehend the concept of metamessages.
  4. Distinguish the differences between instrumental and regulatory functions.
  5. Appreciate the interactional and imaginative functions of language.
  6. Examine the personal, ritual, and cultural functions of language.
  7. Understand how naming and identity can influence perceptions.
  8. Comprehend how language can impact affiliation with others.
  9. Identify the difference between sexist and racist language.
  10. Differentiate between informal and formal language.
  11. Determine the different types of informal language.
  12. Understand improper language and biased language.
  13. Examine ways to improve your vocabulary.
  14. Increase your awareness and adaptation of language.
  15. Realize the importance of checking for understanding.
  16. Understand the importance of nonverbal communication.
  17. Differentiate between the functions of nonverbal communication.
  18. Understand the functions of nonverbal communication in day-to-day interactions.
  19. Understand and provide examples of the subcategories of nonverbal communication.
  20. Know the subcategories of nonverbal communication influencing interpersonal communication.
  21. Understand how the categories of nonverbal communication influence perception.
  22. Understand research findings associated with the categories of nonverbal communication.
  23. Explain the areas of nonverbal communication that can be assessed and improved.
  24. Discuss the importance of observation when it comes to improving nonverbal behaviors.
  25. Understand that nonverbal communication is a skill that requires practice.




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