2 Part 2: Finding Specific Types of Sources

Sometimes, you will be looking for a specific type of resource, such a newspaper or news website, a blog, or a podcast. Here are some tips for finding certain types of resources using Google and other websites:

  • Newspapers & magazines: You can always start by going to the websites for known publications, like The Wall Street Journal or Time. What if the website says you have to have a subscription? Simply search for the publication title (“New York Times”) or article title in the library’s online search system. (We’ll look at searching the library in the next section!)
  • Blogs: Add the word “blog” as part of your search terms while using something like Google to help the system know that you’re looking for that particular kind of web page. For example, you could search “flint water crisis blog” (without the quotation marks).
  • Podcasts: One of the best places to look for podcasts is to start at the websites for major news organizations. Places like Slate, NPR, and The New York Times will host regular podcasts. You can also find podcasts through apps like Spotify or iTunes.  Other options to find podcasts include adding “podcast” as a search term along with keywords related to your topic.

Try out some of the search techniques from the Google tutorial and from the list above. As you’re working, answer the questions in “Part 2: Finding Specific Types of Sources” on your worksheet.


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