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Ryerson Open Moments book cover

Ryerson Open Moments

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   en

Subject(s): Open learning, distance education

Publisher: Ryerson University

Last updated: 21/09/2022

Ryerson Open Moments is a book that describes the journeys of eight educators who came to discover open education through projects in which they developed open educational resources. Each of these stories recounts a different journey towards open and what open education comes to mean for each of our storytellers. These stories vary based on their goals, their experiences of teaching, and the types of projects they pursued.
Philosophical Thought book cover

Philosophical Thought

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)   14 H5P Activities    en

Author(s): Edited by Heather Wilburn, Ph.D.

Editor(s): Heather Wilburn, Ph.D., Jamie Holmes

Subject(s): Philosophy

Publisher: Tulsa Community College

Last updated: 21/09/2022

Intercultural Communication book cover

Intercultural Communication

All Rights Reserved   en

Author(s): Dr. Kathryn Weinland

Last updated: 21/09/2022

Introduction to Speech Communication book cover

Introduction to Speech Communication

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)   en-us

Author(s): Sarah E. Hollingsworth, Kathryn Weinland, Sasha Hanrahan, Mary Walker, Terrisa Elwood, Megan Linsenmeyer

Editor(s): Sarah E. Hollingsworth, Sasha Hanrahan, Kathryn Weinland, Mary Walker, Terrisa Elwood, Megan Linsenmeyer

Subject(s): Speaking in public: advice and guides, Communication studies, Business communication and presentation, Information visualization, Interpersonal communication and skills

Publisher: Oklahoma State University Libraries

Last updated: 20/09/2022

This book, Introduction to Speech Communication, is used to support teaching, learning and research for SPCH 2713 at Oklahoma State University (OSU). This resource has been customized for use at OSU by faculty members Sarah E. Hollingsworth, Kathryn Weinland, Sasha Hanrahan, Mary Walker, Terrisa Elwood and Megan Linsenmeyer. In addition to inclusion of original work authored by the editors to meet the needs of their course at OSU, the editors adapted and mixed together portions of  Exploring Public Speaking: 4th EditionStand Up, Speak Out, and Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Please see below for full citations of each of these works. We at Oklahoma State University Libraries acknowledge our gratitude for the expertise and generosity of the scholars at Affordable Learning Georgia, College of the Canyons, the Open Education Network and elsewhere for creating and sharing customizable versions of their work.

Who Teaches Writing? book cover

Who Teaches Writing?

CC BY (Attribution)   5 H5P Activities    en

Author(s): Dr. Tyler Branson, Dr. Ron Brooks, Dana Cadman, Dr. Heidi Cephus, Sarah Beth Childers, Dr. Joshua Daniel, Beth Devore, Dr. Rafael Hernandez, Dr. Charlotte Hogg, Dr. Ho'omana Nathan Horton, Dr. Stephanie Link, Vyshali Manivannan, Dr. Josiah Meints, Dr. Robert Mundy, Sara Nezami Nav, Holly Reiter, Dr. Anna Sicari, Ryan Slesinger, Natasha Tinsley, Laura Tunningley, Graig Uhlin, Lisa Wright

Editor(s): Dr. Joshua Daniel

Subject(s): Writing and editing guides, Language learning: writing skills

Institution(s): Oklahoma State University

Publisher: Oklahoma State University Libraries

Last updated: 14/09/2022

Who Teaches Writing is an open teaching and learning resource being used in English Composition classes at Oklahoma State University. It was authored by contributors from Oklahoma State University and also includes invited chapters from other institutions both inside and outside of Oklahoma. Contributors include faculty from various departments, contingent faculty and staff, and graduate instructors. One purpose of the resource is to provide short, relatively jargon-free chapters geared toward undergraduate students taking First-Year Composition. Support for this project was provided in part by OpenOKState, Oklahoma State University Libraries, and the Claud D. Kniffin Professorship of Library Service and Education.

ENGL 1213 Online Library Sessions book cover

ENGL 1213 Online Library Sessions

CC BY (Attribution)   1 H5P Activities    en

Subject(s): Library and information services

Publisher: Oklahoma State University Libraries

Last updated: 31/08/2022

OpenOKState Student Fellows book cover

OpenOKState Student Fellows

CC BY (Attribution)   2 H5P Activities    en

Subject(s): Open learning, distance education, Political activism / Political engagement, Funding of education and student finance, Student life, Higher education, tertiary education, Library and information services

Publisher: Oklahoma State University Libraries

Last updated: 09/08/2022

This resource provides a micro-course opportunity for students to learn about, engage with, and advocate for lower textbook costs through the use of open educational resources. It is used at Oklahoma State University to support student advocacy for open practices; it is used in particular with students selected to the OpenOKState Student Fellows program.

Foundations of Educational Technology book cover

Foundations of Educational Technology

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   en

Author(s): Penny Thompson

Subject(s): Educational equipment and technology, computer-aided learning (CAL)

Publisher: Oklahoma State University Libraries

Last updated: 11/07/2022


Intro to Social Media book cover

Intro to Social Media

CC BY (Attribution)   en

Subject(s): Communication studies, Media studies: advertising and society, Online marketing / Social media marketing, Social media / social networking, Higher education, tertiary education

Institution(s): Oklahoma State University

Publisher: Oklahoma State University Libraries

Last updated: 01/07/2022

This book is aimed at managers, business owners, marketing managers, and aspiring social media marketing interns and managers. I will assume that however accomplished in your own field – baker, developer, teacher and that even as successful business owners, you approach the topic of social media marketing as a beginner. Even if you are an avid personal user of social networks, we will treat this book as a guided tour of social media for marketing purposes.

While this is a textbook, it is not meant to read like a traditional textbook, especially on a topic that is rooted in digital to an audience who, let’s be honest, doesn’t really like to read. No shade. I too would rather watch a YouTube video on how to fix a problem with my laptop than read the manual.

Like many of my Generation X peers, I began using forums and chat rooms in the early 1990’s and have watched social networks come and go (AOL and Yahoo chat rooms, Friendster, Myspace) – To those not inclined to spend countless hours online over the past couple of decades, it may seem as if things change too often.

For others, particularly those born into the technology, aka digital natives, social networks as with most technology, are second nature to you, but not having work experience may leave you perplexed as to what your boss/ client / customers really want from you as a social media manager.

If you fall within either one of these audiences, this book is for you. I will do my best to help you sort out a basic understanding of the why of social media as a marketing tool for business, for personal brand building, and perhaps more importantly, where to find supporting information and research to help you design, monitor, test, and re-define a social media marketing strategy.

If you are utilizing this book as an instructor or are considering using this book as an instructor, first of all, Thank you very much! Here, you will find the instruction plan and a practical way of teaching students how the principles of marketing work. We will also explore the principles for each prominent social website. Also, the exercises with every chapter will give students a better chance at understanding these concepts as well.

To sum it up, the target audience for the book is a person who is interested in social media marketing for brand building.

2021 Association for Digital Education and Communications Technology Conference Proceedings book cover

2021 Association for Digital Education and Communications Technology Conference Proceedings

All Rights Reserved   en

Author(s): Felicia Ofuma Mormah Ph.D, Tutaleni I. Asino, PhD

Editor(s): Felicia Ofuma Mormah Ph.D, Tutaleni I. Asino, PhD

Subject(s): Educational: Technology, Education

Publisher: Oklahoma State University

Last updated: 23/06/2022

ADECT 2021 Proceedings