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This page provides a list of rows used in the repertoire in the form of a:

  • Tabular list of all the rows collected (more than 600);
  • Musical representation of those rows in ‘open’ values (quarter notes, no stems);
  • Structured anthology, re-organising the rows by property (e.g. with a list of the all-interval rows).

As the twelve-tone part of this textbook is at pains to point out, it’s not always straightforward (or indeed musically relevant) to identify a single main row. Indeed it’s not always clear what counts as ‘serial’. That being the case, no list of this kind can aim to be ‘definitive’. All the same, it’s very useful to see at least some rows gathered together and compared.[1]

Tabular List

[table id=58 /]

Musical Notation

Rows in the Repertoire by FourScoreAndMore


  1. For more on the preparation of this list, please see the open access research publication linked to this dataset: Gotham and Yust, DLfM 2021. The code and latest version of record for the list are hosted in this repository and the research paper is open access to all when approached from this contents page. In addition to Jason Yust, I would also like to thank the creators of foregoing lists of this kind (notably the Schoenberg-Berg-Webern collection here and a wiki here), the hundreds of analysts whose work is represented here, and the scholars who contributed entries to this new, combined and enlarged collection: Elizabeth West Marvin, David Maw, Rachel Mitchell, Sam Reenan, and Laurel Parsons. To contribute your own corrections or new entry to this list, please email me (Mark Gotham) at < FirstName [dot] LastName [at] tu-dortmund [dot] de > with all the relevant information: Row; Composer (Last Name(s), First Name(s)); Composition including opus number; Year; Source (e.g. URL or PDF). The row can be in any consistent text or numerical format such as ‘A-Gs-G-Cs-F-Fs-C-E-Eb-D-B-Bb’ or [0, 11, 10, 4, 8, 9, 3, 7, 6, 5, 2, 1].


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