These videos are in use at Southern Utah University. They are listed as OER, and are most definitely free to access and share. I am in communication with the creator to determine additional permissions available. The scholarly communications librarian at Southern Utah State shared the following:

A psychology professor at my institution has created what is affectionately referred to as a “Statistics Video Textbook.” It is for a psychology statistics course. It was originally created to foster a flipped classroom environment but given current circumstances could be useful for those transitioning to remote learning. The link to the site is Dr. Koenig was planning on polishing the site, but decided it would be more useful now and polish later. He did the closed captioning on the videos himself and has a fun list of “requirements” for students to get the most out of the videos.

Research Design and Methodology (in Psychology)

This text is in use at Iowa State University (PSYCH 291, Introductory Research Experience; PSYCH 301, Research Design and Methodology). It can be freely accessed, shared under the same licensing, downloaded, and modified for non-commercial purposes such as university coursework.  It is available in a variety of file types  at the link below this paragraph. Additionally, it is available in the Open Textbook Library, where it has also undergone peer review. Click here to read those reviews.



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