12 An Applied Linguist Teaches Analyzing Writing

Steph Link

What You Will Learn in this Chapter

This should be a 1 paragraph or short list–3-5 sentences or list–description of the important ideas and concepts that will be described and discussed in the chapter.

Key Terms

This will be a list of 1-3 key terms from the contributor’s area of specialization that students will learn about in the chapter. Contributors don’t need to define the terms here, but will instead define them in the chapter.

Chapter Text

This would be an approximately 3,000 word chapter that teaches an FYC student a concept/idea from the contributor’s area of specialization and how it can help the student improve, complicate, or expand their writing within a particular area. It should be relatively jargon free, meaning only that any specialized terms that students or FYC instructors might not know should be listed in the key terms section and defined in the text.

Discussion Questions

This would be a list of 3-5 open ended discussion questions, thought of primarily for in class discussion questions or for students to write about as part of a homework assignment.


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