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“Oh, class would definitely be easier if I brought my textbook in more often, but I hate dragging around a $300 brick,” Tim explains. He was about to leave for the day when you asked him why he was borrowing his classmates’ texts to follow the in-class assignment — again. You understand his dilemma, but you really wish he didn’t have to spend so much class time sheepishly asking to look over other students’ shoulders instead of engaging in the activities. In fact, you’re not even sure he actually owns the text — you’ve certainly never seen him with it!

This is far from the first time you’ve had this conversation with one of your students. You really like the text you’ve been requiring but you feel like your students haven’t been getting the most out of it: whether they forget it at home, or it gets delivered to them two weeks late, or they simply can’t afford it, they’re just not getting the learning experience you know the book can provide.

You’re ready for a change. Your students deserve a better learning experience that doesn’t break the bank, and you just know there have to be options out there.

“I get it. We don’t have any in-class assignments from the text for the next couple of weeks. As long as you’re doing the readings you’ll be okay. Just keep an eye on the syllabus and make sure you bring in the book the next time we’re using it here.”

As Tim gives you a thumbs-up and walks out the door, you decide to start researching your options as soon as you get back to your office.

Next semester will be different.


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